Our Services


Museum quality fine art scanning, digital retouching and enhancement, archival giclee printing up to 64 inches wide, canvas stretching, face mounting on to acrylic ( plexiglass), art handling and installation, art consulting.


Scanning or photographing at high resolution the original artwork is the first and most important step in the fine art printing process. Scanning is required only for original paintings, drawings and all 2D art. Miami Giclee scans large format artwork at a minimum of 300 dpi. and at actual size as the original. The artwork can be on a stretched or loose canvas, paper, wood panel, acrylic and other flat substrates. If the final print has to be larger than the original art than the scanning is optimized to a higher resolution to provide the maximum quality. Perfectly capturing the most intricate detail to the finest brushstroke is the essential setup to a true archive of an artwork. After the image is archived in it’s digital form than the color correction and cleaning is performed to enhance the image and keep the integrity of the artwork. The art is handled with great care by our professionals at Miami Giclee. Our clients are provided with the scanned digital files for their archive. Digital art and Digital Photography don’t require scanning but might need color correction or minor adjustments prior to printing.


Printing the giclee comes after the color match is done. The next step is to chose the media that the print will be made on. Canvas, fine art smooth paper, textured fine art paper, watercolor paper or photo paper are the most requested. Special papers can be ordered up on request. After the selection is made than the giclee will be printed with the archival inks and museum quality 64 inch printer.